A world of options – from frame-ready
systems to complete bikes, there is something for all.

Full HPS drive system *(for manufacturers only)

Our drive system package includes engineering support for your engineers with frame design and system requirements including 3D CAD blocks and files. You design your bike, with your frame and your DNA – we supply the worlds lightest, ‘turn-key’ HPS drive system.

System + Full Bikes

Offer your customers the worlds lightest e-bike. Lead generation model with minimal contribution. Our Bike packages includes : our industry-leading bike builder website (Allowing on-line bike purchase). Buy the frame and drive system from HPS and you build the bike and enjoy 100% component part margin. Be quick to market with minimal investment. Best in class proposition with minimal competition.

Full integration

HPS features ANT+ technology which communicates with Garmin and other fitness displays without wires. Integration is seamless – Garmin displays the HPS power mode and can be used to change power setting if desired. Battery power level display will be integrated soon.


A complete support solution for our partners.

Worldwide distribution

Worldwide distribution

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Customer login area on website

Customer login area on website

Documents on website

Documents on


When a consumer buys a bike with a HPS system and validates their warranty, they unlock our full warranty solution.

Data downloads of system

Data downloads
of system

Worldwide distribution

Worldwide distribution

Diagnosis of issues

Diagnosis of

System failures

System failures

Small parts and grease

Small parts
and grease