ARES Partners with HPS

ARES Partners with HPS

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES has teamed up with HPS, creators of the world’s lightest e-bike propulsion system to produce a stunning ultra-lightweight e-bike. The two companies have come together to co-create the most unique e-bike in the world.

ARES Bike Design HPS

Based in Modena, Italy, the birthplace of some of the world’s most famous and iconic sports and racing cars, ARES combines traditional Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies, the company, designs, engineers and manufacturers bespoke two and four-wheel vehicles, in single or limited editions.

HPS, High-Performance Systems, develop advanced engineering solutions for mobility and sports applications. Applying technology from Formula 1, it has created the revolutionary Watt Assist system for e-bikes that allows it to equip a racing-style bicycle with an electric motor that behaves and weighs the same as a top-of-the-range "traditional" model.

Carbon Frame

A joint venture

ARES and HPS have worked together for two years carrying out countless tests in the laboratory and covering many thousands of kilometers on the road, using the experience of former professional cyclists to fine-tune the dynamic qualities of this racing style e-bike. ARES managing the design of the frame and the finishes; HPS providing its expertise on the mechanical and engineering side. The result is a high-tech carbon fiber bike that doesn't currently exist on the market: the ARES Super Leggera by HPS is a top-of-the-range e-bike weighing just 9kg, a world first.

Invisible assistance

The ARES Super Leggera by HPS is a bike assisted by a revolutionary electric motor made without compromise, the result of an exclusive project made with the latest Formula 1 and aerospace technology. The components: motor, battery and electronic control unit are so compact and lightweight, they integrate perfectly into the carbon frame, are not seen and above all are not felt when pedalling with the power turned off. The balanced weight distribution was achieved by housing these components close to the bottom bracket area with a low centre of gravity to give the bike a sporting ride characteristic. When you activate the electric motor system you have a significant 200 watt "invisible" assistance, which does not alter the dynamics and therefore the pleasure of pedalling, which remains similar to a top-of-the-range racing bike, even with the engine off.


The first ARES-HPS project

The result of this first joint venture between ARES and HPS is a limited series of 24 bikes. It was decided to make them in a beautiful iconic retro style, with handmade leather parts and round tube carbon fibre frame along with the colour of bikes from the ’60s-’70s to combine technology with charm and beauty. The cost of these first limited edition bikes will be 18,950 euros.


Future customers can be involved in the creative process of their bike build, from the conception phase to the delivery of the finished product for personalised one-off creations. They will be able to work with ARES/HPS on sizing, colours, styles and special requests.

Back of frame

The carbon fibre frame

An integral part of the customisation process is the frame itself, which will be fine-tuned in the ARES carbon fibre production department, ensuring the highest production quality is guaranteed. An exclusive product that combines craftsmanship and technology.

ARES-HPS bikes will be exhibited and sold in ARES showrooms around the world:

Modena and Porto Cervo, Italy; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Kitzbühel, Austria; St Moritz and Zurich, Switzerland; Miami, USA; Munich, Germany; Puerto Banùs, Spain; Montecarlo, Monaco.

The first series ARES Super Leggera by HPS is currently presented at the above locations.

The agreement between ARES and HPS is long-term, as Dany Bahar, co-founder and CEO of ARES, specifies: "The collaboration with HPS will continue, we will work further in the development of this project. The first production of limited series bikes in August will be followed by a second limited series of top-of-the-range road bikes, always assisted with our technology but with even more demanding specifications. It will be a different project from the previous one which is retro in style: it will be very modern, in terms of shapes, materials and colors. And in December, again taking advantage of the technologies developed by our joint research, we will offer a high-end city bike, always equipped with an electric motor".

“I’m delighted to be working with ARES having been a huge fan of their work since I attended their amazing factory opening in 2014 – said Harry Gibbings founder and CEO of HPS.

Because of the high precision and attention to detail required by HPS we had to find a partner with the same values, who like us, strive for perfection. ARES ticked every box and bring with them a great deal of knowledge and skill along with incredible design flare.

On a personal level, I’ve known Dany from our days in Formula One and working with Ferrari, so it's very gratifying to be partners in this exciting next step for HPS”

A world of options – which package works for you?

HPS Watt Assist system alone *(for manufacturers only)

HPS Watt Assist system alone *(for manufacturers only)

System + Full Bikes

System + Full Bikes